Me 1070-bw100-16

I have been an artist or artistically inclined for as long as I can remember. Drawing, painting, playing music, writing music, most recently my artistic endeavors have taken me behind the lens and shutter of a camera. But my artistry was always secondary to my pursuit of an education in engineering and math. My art was simply something I would take on full time later in life.

I started photography to assist my wife, who was designing and selling custom-made crochet bikinis. She needed a fashion photographer, so I elected myself for the job. Her website can be found at I found that not just anybody can take good pictures and very few people can take excellent photos. I was not discouraged.

With a background in electronics and computers, the technical aspect was easy. I have been accused of actually enjoying technical manuals so I pored over camera specs and books on the physics of photography. This, I decided, was an opportunity for me to make art and money, so I dropped my degree pursuit and started taking classes in photography and art. I found a new artistic passion.